AMAA Mission & Service: Making an Impact Every Day

Giving help and hope to people since 1918

As we have begun to celebrate and anticipate the Centennial of the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA), we want to acknowledge and extend our appreciation of our members’ continued support.  You have been faithful partners supporting God’s work and inspiring others to do the same.

With God’s grace, we have been able to respond to those who are in need, and enable them to continue improving their spiritual lives and have the means to live with dignity, respect and hope.

Mission and Service is crucial to our programs and our budget. Through unrestricted annual support (gifts designated for Mission and Service) the AMAA is able to put faith into action by making a difference in practical, realistic ways via a wide range of educational, social and religious projects in the United States, Armenia, the Middle East and Europe.


AMAA Kindergarten Student

In Armenia alone, just a few highlights celebrating AMAA’s accomplishments include: the award-winning Khoren & Shoushanig Avedisian School, which just graduated its first 12th grade class, Christian Education programs provided to over 2,000 children, 170 children served at four “Shogh” Educational Day Centers, quality employment to 465 employees, partnership and the respect of various NGOs.


Together we can spread His love for us and transform the lives of those less fortunate.


AMAA Sponsored Child

There are many ways to support the AMAA.

Visit our website to see the various ways on How You Can Help.

Also, make sure to remain current with updates on AMAA’s Facebook page.

Khanjian Visiting Kindergarten

AMAA Executive Director/CEO, Zaven Khanjian visiting AMAA Baghdikian Kindergarten in Stepanakert, Artsakh



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