Sponsor a Child

Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew 18:5

Directly after the devastating earthquake in Armenia in 1988, the AMAA initiated and supported various relief programs in Armenia, providing basic necessities of normal life to people, including orphans and needy children.

The AMAA continues to operate and support a number of orphan and child care programs in Armenia, such as:

Child and Orphan Care Sponsorship Programs through which the AMAA reaches out to over 2800 destitute and marginalized orphans and children in Armenia and Artsakh. Through regular year-round home visits by AMAA’s local relief workers, the sponsored children and their families are supplied with necessary provisions, such as food, clothing, personal hygiene items and school supplies. Children are matched with sponsors who receive the photographs of the children, with information about their circumstances and their families. The sponsorship of a child in Armenia is $300 per year.

Shogh Community-Based Day Centers, Vanadzor and Yerevan in Armenia and Shushi in Artsakh are after-school programs. The locations in Vanadzor and Yerevan locations serve over 60 children, and the location in Shushi serve over 30 children.


The mission of Shogh is to support children from socially insecure families through: hot, nutritious after-school meals, social services, tutoring, and art classes.

These programs also provide additional support in terms of group and individual meetings with social workers and psychologists held by specialists. Children also spend time in art-therapy classes and computer training.

Child Education Programs in Middle East: The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA), the cornerstone of Armenian education for many decades, supports schools in Lebanon and Syria which are owned and operated by the Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East (UAECNE). They provide an educational, cultural and spiritual setting for students to grow. The cost of sponsoring a child in this program is U.S. $300.00 per child, per academic year.

There are three methods in which the AMAA provides educational support:
1.  Directly to schools
2. Through tuition sponsorship
3. Through scholarships.

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There are ten schools which are a part of the AMAA’s Child Education program: four in Lebanon and six in Syria. The AMAA’s goal is to help empower and enable the next generation with the right tools to grow and prosper into their own sense of self as responsible members of their communities.