Armenia & Artsakh

The cost of sponsoring a child in this program is U.S. $300.00 per child, per academic year. Use the reference code next to sponsor link when registering for a child.

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Davit A. from Alaverdi, Armenia

11-143I was born on September 12, in Alaverdi. My hair and eyes are brown. I don’t have any health problems. I attend kindergarten. My father, is a laborer. My mother is a housewife. My guardian is my mother. I have 2 sisters, the older one is 22 years old and younger one is 20 years old,  and she is married. Our income is not enough to care for our needs. It only includes my father’s low wage salary. We live in a 3 room rented house which needs renovation. Half of the furniture belongs to the owner. We don’t have gas supply and we heat the house with electricity.
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Davit is an active and friendly boy. He has many different hobbies but usually changes them.

Alex E. from Yerevan, Armenia

DC1-219Alex was born on July 15, in Yerevan. His hair and eyes are brown. He is in the 1st grade and his favorite subject is Math. Alex doesn’t have any health problems and attends Apostolic Church. His parents are divorced and they don’t have any news from the father. His mother is a worker. The child’s guardian is his mother. Alex doesn’t have a sister or a brother. They live with their grandmother in a house which strongly needs renovation. The utilities are not in sufficient state. The ceiling and walls are damaged. The bathroom also needs renovation. The furniture is old but well kept. Their income is not enough to care for their basic needs. It includes mother’s minimum wage salary, grandmother’s pension and poverty allowance. Alex is an active boy. He likes to play with his peers and draw. Mother doesn’t have parental skills and can’t follow up with the child since she works. Due to the above mentioned problems, Day Center professional team decided to enroll the child in the program.
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