Summer Camps

Krisdonyagan Chanitz Amarnayin Getron

Summer camps continue to be one of the most important ministries of the AMAA worldwide. Children come together to rest, relax, rejuvenate, re-energize. They come to receive spiritual, cultural and physical nutrition. They come to learn about their signi cance as children of God, as children of a people with a rich Christ centered history and heritage. And they leave the camp lled with the love of God, the fellowship of the campers and counselors, and they share all these blessings with family and friends throughout the year, with hopes that they will meet once again next year to be blessed again.

All these are possible, because we have a team of dedicated leaders who love the Lord and volunteer their time to be of service, and because of the generous donors who help cover the expenses of these camps.

The AMAA sponsors the following camps:

Sheen Shoghik Camp (Hankavan)


Camp Sheen Shoghik, Hankavan

Bedrosian Camp (Shoushi)


Camp Bedrosian, Shoushi

La Fontanelle Camp (Lasalle)
La Source Camp (Evian)

La Source 2

Camp La Source, France

Avedaranchagan Ayki (Tehran) Karabagh
Bedrosian Camp (Shoushi) Lebanon

KCHAG Krisdonyagan Chanitz Amarnayin Getron (Christian Endeavor Summer Center)
In July 2012, a newly renovated Chapel was rededicated to God’s use in this growing ministry.

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KCHAG Krisdonyagan Chanitz Amarnayin Getron (Christian Endeavor Summer Center)

United States
Camp Arev (California)
Camp Arevelk (New York)

camp arev

Camp Arev, California


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