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Summer, a time when everyone kicks back and looks forward to relaxing, enjoying sun-filled days and participating in fun activities.

The same holds true for our precious children in Armenia as they get ready for their first day at one of the AMAA’s sponsored camps.

Every summer, the AMAA provides thousands of our precious children a camp experience where they can escape from their impoverished daily routines for a little while and be exposed to a wonderful program that fosters self-esteem, builds self-confidence and most importantly, lets them hear the Word of God.

Through the kindness and generosity of our donors, the AMAA operates two overnight camps, one in Hankavan, Armenia and one in Shushi, Artsakh, as well as over 40 day camps in 28 locations of the Homeland. Thanks to the many donations we receive, the children attend these camps free of charge.


Camp Bedrosian – Shushi, Karabagh

All this is accomplished only with the support of all members of our community!

A gift of $70 will help one child be able to attend an overnight camp for one week.

A gift of $40 will help a child attend a day camp for one week.

They will never forget your generosity or the positive impact that you will have on their young lives.

On behalf of all our young AMAA campers, thank you and have a wonderful summer!


Camp Sheen-Shoghig – Hankavan, Armenia

For more information regarding our summer camps visit: AMAA Summer Camps
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