Syria Lifeline continues to resettle our kin at risk in Syria to the safety of the Homeland

Our sisters and brothers remain in desperate need.  Recent reports from Aleppo illustrate the ongoing devastation. Click Here to Download September 30th Report and October 5th report directly from Aleppo.

The AMAA’s focal point rests in our ‘Syria Lifeline’ to help families resettle in Armenia. Our kin have little or no money.  Financial assistance is desperately needed to ensure they reach a safe place to stay in the Homeland where they will find food, water, clothing, education and medical assistance.

We must not forget them.
We pray that you will come to their aid and continue living the joy of giving.  Your caring gift, no matter how large or small, will help provide much needed relief to these families who have undergone so much suffering and unrest.  They are also in need of your daily prayers.
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