The Armenian Diaspora Research Center at Haigazian University announces the publication of a new volume in the “Armenian Diaspora Series”, entitled Armenians of Lebanon (II): the Proceedings of the Conference

This 366-page volume includes the papers read during the conference, which took place at the University, May 14-16, 2014. It contains biographical sketches of the presenters, basic notes on Lebanon, a brief history of the Lebanese-Armenian community, along with a selected bibliography of the same. Also included are press releases about the conference, summaries of the volume in English and Arabic, as well as the list of books published by the Haigazian University Press.

The following are the research papers on the diverse facets of the Lebanese-Armenian community:

– Claude Mutafian, “Quelques Alliances Arméno-Libanaises à l’ةpoque des Croisades”
– Hratch Kestenian, “Armenian Student Life at the Syrian Protestant College (1885-1918)”
– Irina Papkova, “The Lebanese-Armenian Church and its Milieu”
– Antranik Dakessian, “Socializing the Incoming Armenian Refugees: The Lebanese-Armenian Media (1927-1952)”
– Roupen Avsharian, Esq., “Armenian MPs throughout the Lebanese Parliaments: An Assessment from Within”
– Vahram Shemmassian, “The Settlement of Musa Dagh Armenians in Anjar, Lebanon, 1939-1940”
– James Stocker, “The United States Government and the Armenian Community in Lebanon, 1943-1975”
– Yeghia Tashjian, “The Third Track in the Lebanese-Armenian Community, 1956-1960”
– Vahakn Keshishian, “Armenians in the Lebanese Public Administration”
– Ohannes Geukjian, “An Ignored Relationship: The Role of the Lebanese-Armenian Diaspora in Conflict Resolution (1975-1990)”
– Araz Kojayan, “Public Affect in Times of Crises: GeziPark Events as Reflected among Lebanese-Armenians”
– Armen Urneshlian, “A Profile of the Teachers of Armenian Subjects in the Armenian Schools of Lebanon”
– Anahid Donabedian, “The Western Armenian Language Today: Facts and Perceptions”
– Shant Vartanian, “The Syrian Armenian Refugees in Lebanon (15 March 2011-May 2014)”
– Arman Yeghiazarian, “The Lebanese-Armenian Community and the Issue of Armenian Diaspora Typology”, and an Appendix

The book is the first in a series that will cover the Armenian communities of the Middle East, each reflecting the conferences organized by the Armenian Diaspora Research Center.

The Armenian Diaspora Research Center was founded in 2012 through a donation by Mr. Yercho Samuelian.

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