The Season of Giving: Give a Gift that Counts

AMAA100LogoGreenIn a world that often appears dark and broken, how do we stay on the path toward light and hope? Figuring out how to live among the violence, poverty and suffering surrounding us is a journey about learning how deep our faith is.

The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel. -Matthew 1:23

God is with us -yesterday, today and tomorrow.  This is the joy and message of faith at Christmastime.

For many, Christmas remains a time of sorrow. Many, near and far, are lonely, without the surrounding cheer of loved ones and friends.  Many will be seeking for a source of heat and food for their tables. In the middle of daily trials and struggles, His promise of salvation remains the beacon of hope, to strengthen our faith and guide our steps.

“Immanuel” is for us, within us and through us for others.  Help the AMAA bring His light, warmth, peace and love that “Immanuel” surrounds us all with.  Your Christmas gift helps the AMAA continue serving Him by carrying forth our mission and service programs around the world.

The gifts of the season are imparted on a daily basis through the various programs supported by the AMAA. Hope is brought to people in Syria through ongoing relief efforts. Love is spread through every sponsored child and granny.  Joy is spread at every Christmas Easter program.  Good health is supported through the Medical Mission Trip and the Armenian Children’s Milk Fund. Peace is spread as “Immanuel” lives in us and in others through the reflection of God’s love to others.

Glory to the newborn King! Let us all pray together to remember His promises and to look forward in faith and in action.


Zaven Khanjian
AMAA Executive Director/CEO


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