Vanadzor Church

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Vanadzor is the third largest city of Armenia and the capital of the Lori region in northern Armenia.  Vanadzor and its surroundings are rich in archeological monuments.  The city has food and light industries, chemical and machine productions, but the big factories which once were a major source of employment are out of use. The majority of the inhabitants either works abroad or is busy with retail or agricultural trade.

The Armenian Evangelical Church in Vanadzor was established in 1993.  At the time the Church was in a rented space. In those post- earthquake years the people needed social and spiritual programs. As years passed the programs outgrew the space which was being rented. In 2004, the construction of a new Church in Vanadzor was completed.

The AMAA Ministry at Vanadzor is very vibrant and diverse: there is a Day Center for 3-6 years old, an Educational (Tutorial) Day Center, nearly 200 children are enrolled in the AMAA Child Sponsorship Program, Medical mission team has visited, a dental clinic outpost and various cultural and sport groups. Church worship is attended by 200 communicant and 100 temporary attendees.

The renovation work includes the replacement of the roof, which is leaking and has caused internal damage to both the sanctuary and indoor gymnasium.