We Shall (re)Build 🇸🇾🇦🇲

The bricks have fallen down, we will rebuild with dressed stone. Isaiah 9:10 NIV

syriaappeal2Six years of violence and fear have changed lives forever for Syrian Armenians who have remained in Syria and for those who have left. While every effort is being made to start afresh and return to normalcy, the conflict continues to take its toll in more ways than one. In the wake of such calamity the Armenian Missionary Association of America’s (AMAA) relief efforts to Syria remain strong.

Reconstruction is evident in Aleppo, as the streets connecting one ravaged community after another are being repaired. The flow of commerce is beginning to appear on the streets. Rubble from destroyed buildings is beginning to be cleared. Financial burdens on individuals remain high. Lack of normal flow of tap water and power are still in crisis mode. The cost of returning to and repairing one’s home lies on the individual.

Our communities in Syria painfully suffered and endured. They are resilient and ready to bounce back. Your generous gift will help shore them up, rebuild the Church and their lives. Thank you for your support.

syriaappeal1AMAA’s commitment includes, but is not limited to, helping (re)build the Armenian communities, keeping schools open, rejuvenating shops and businesses, and providing access to healthcare, food and basic provisions. We want to empower our brothers and sisters to continue rising above and help keep their faith and hope alive. AMAA also continues to provide a LifeLine and new opportunities for those who seek to leave and begin anew in the Homeland -Armenia.

We have not forgotten the destruction of the Emmanuel Church of Aleppo, nor the faithful who continue to gather to worship our Lord.

The Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East (UAECNE), the Community leadership and the Church are ready to rebuild that House of Worship.




The AMAA will honor

its commitment and support.