Zaven Khanjian Honorary Member of the Writers’ Union of Armenia

AMAA Executive Director/CEO Zaven Khanjian Awarded
Honorary Member Title by the Writers’ Union of Armenia

On September 13, 2019, the Writers’ Union of Armenia (WUA) held its regular meeting. Among many other items on the Agenda, the Union discussed awarding the title of “Honorary Member” to Zaven Khanjian, Executive Director/CEO of the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA).

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Edward Militonyan, President of the Union, presented Mr. Khanjian as a writer, publicist, a well-known figure in the Diaspora educational and church spheres and a great patriot. Mr. Militonyan said that he had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Khanjian, talk with him and read two of his works: “Is this House Yours or Mine?” and “Aleppo: First Station,” and he attended the presentation of these two books in Yerevan in June, 2019.

Mr. Militonyan noted that Mr. Khanjian’s “Is this House Yours or Mine?” summarizes the indelible impressions of the Western Armenian pilgrimage. “They represent the Armenian history, literature, architecture and the broader cultural map in general,” said Mr. Militonyan. “Zaven has a vast field of knowledge, where every stone and shrub, monastery, song and poetry are wonderfully and thoroughly immersed in spiritual light and touching emotion.”

After several questions and answers, the Union members unanimously elected Zaven Khanjian as an Honorary Member of the WUA.

Mr. Militonyan was so impressed by Mr. Khanjian’s book, that he published an excerpt entitled “Two Story House” in the April 19 weekly edition of the WUA. In his Introduction Mr. Militonyan writes: “I was very touched by the story of Zaven’s forefather’s house, that it inspired me to write this poetic version. I have changed some names. The story is rewritten through my eyes. My ancestors also have left their home in the Taron Valley. This is everyone’s story.” (This article can be found at:

Mr. Khanjian’s books ” Is this House Yours or Mine?” and “Aleppo: First Station” were presented at the AMAA Center in Yerevan on June 12 under the auspices of the Writer’s Union of Armenia, Khachatur Abovyan “Diaspora” Scientific-Educational Center of Armenian State Pedagogical University and the AMAA.
The AMAA congratulates Mr. Khanjian for this prestigious award from the Writers’ Union of Armenia.

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