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Armenia, Mon Amour: Ten Europeans Speak
Svante Lundgren & Serafim Seppälä (Eds.)

Ten non-Armenian friends of Armenia describe their love for this country. In perceptive, moving and funny essays they describe dramatic events, lasting friendships, political struggles. We here about lavash and brandy, genocide and revival, Yerevan and small mountain villages in Armenia and Artsakh.

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Product ID: 409 (Paper Back) – Price $30.00

Angel of Aleppo
By M. Kay Nanian, Illustrations by Mariam Dashtoyan

The story of Reverend Hovhannes Eskijian, who risked his life to save children in Aleppo, Syria during the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

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Product ID: 410 (Paper Back) – Price $10.00

The Armenians of Musa Dagh: From Obscurity to Genocide Resistance and Fame 1840-1915
By Vahram Shemmassian, Ph.D.

A comprehensive history of the people of Musa Dagh, who rose to prominence with their resistance to the Genocide in 1915. The book demonstrates that this was a period of great change, during which the Musa Dagh Armenians transitioned from an isolated and largely unknown people to a collectivity that prepared to defend its national identity and rights against an increasingly discriminatory and oppressive Ottoman Empire.

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Product ID: 408 (Paper Back) – Price: $30.00

Pointed Reflections
By Rev. Dr. Vartkes Kassouni

Beginning in 1955, when Rev. Dr. Vartkes Kassouni was the Student Assistant Minister in the Armenian Presbyterian Church, West New York, NJ (currently in Paramus, NJ), and ending in 2007, as Pastor of Morningside Presbyterian Church, Fullerton, CA, Rev. Dr. Kassouni has written hundreds of articles for churches he has served. They contain inspirational, educational, theological, social and motivational thoughts for the reader’s growth in faith and life. Read Book Review

Product ID: 383/Book

Price: Donation plus shipping and handling. All donations will benefit Syria Relief Fund.

To obtain this book please e-mail nrivera@amaa.org

We Armenians Survived!
By Ellen Sarkisian Chesnut
WeArmeniansSurvivedWe Armenians Survived! The Battle of Marash, 1920 is an unbelievable story of luck and the life affirming instincts of Armenians, including the author’s family, who not only survived this devastating battle but grew to find more strength, after being enmeshed in one of the more brutal genocidal events within the larger period of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 in Turkey. Their personal stories, lives, and denouements are a heartening tribute to acknowledging world history and human wrongs.

Product ID: 384CO/Book

Price: $14.95

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Eastern Armenian Bible (Ararat) 2007 (hc)

Product ID: 509
Price: $20.00

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Map of Salvation DVD


The film tells about the humanist movement that emerged as a wave of protest and resistance during human tragedies in the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, especially the Armenian Genocide. The film is a documentary and is built on the basis of actual events only. The heroes of the film are humanists known to history, real people, who have witnessed the massacres of the Armenians.

Product ID: 405 DVD
One copy per household
Price: Donation plus 5.00 per DVD for shipping and handling.

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Armenian Ethnic Identity in Context: Empirical and Psychosocial Perspective


A collection of works by Hagop Der-Karabetian

Product ID: 404CO-HU
Price: $20.00
One copy per household
All proceeds will go to Haigazian University

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The Genesis and Early Development of the Armenian Missionary Association of America by Rev. Dr. Vahan H. Tootikian

Product ID: 403
Price: $20.00

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History of the Armenian Evangelical Churches of North and South America
History of AEUNA churches, their founders, locations, pastors, leaders, and programs. Published by AEUNA
Item ID: 401CO
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Սուրբ Գրային Հերոսներ Մովսէս եւ Հովնան – Heroes of the Bible: Moses and Jonah.
Story book in Armenian for ages 5-10 (includes CD). Published by AEUNA

Item ID: 402CO
Price: $10.00

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Armenian English Diglot New Testament Western Armenian and Today’s English version


Product ID: 508
Price: $15.00

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Points of Life by Rev. Dr. Vartkes Kassouni


The story of a thoughtful Pastor who experiences life’s positive and negative encounters and considers their impact on his life and ministry. The reader of these 251 pages will discover a man of deep faith who has an open mind and a heart inspired by the love of Christ.

Product ID: 381/Book
Price: $15.00

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History of Armenian Christianity (Second printing)
by Leon Arpee


An objective overview of the Christian pilgrimage of the Armenian people throughout the centuries.

Product ID: 366
Price: $25.00

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A Century of Armenian Protestantism 1846-1946 (Second printing)
by Leon Arpee


The Author recounts the history of the Armenian Evangelical Movement from its beginning to 1946.

Product ID: 365
Price: $15.00

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Musa Dagh Girl by Virginia Matosian Apelian


Daughter of Armenian Genocide Survivors, the author tells of her loving upbringing against a dark historical background.

Product ID: 501CO/Book
Price: $30.00

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Reclaiming Konia By Heather Ruth Martin


A tale of love, loss and the Armenian Genocide – based on the true story of Melkon Jenanyan.

Product ID: ID 376CO
Price: $14.99

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The Recipes of Musa Dagh by Alberta, Anna and Louisa Magzanian


An Armenian Cookbook in a Dialect of its Own – The recipes of Victoria Chaparian Magzanian. The Magzanian sisters have teamed up to produce this wonderful cookbook, preserving the distinct cooking of Musa Dagh, and with it, many of the stories of village and mountain where they lived.

Product ID: 364CO (PB, 134p.)
Price: $19.50

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The Martyred Armenian Writers 1915-1922: An Anthology by Herand M. Markarian


An anthology of literary works of thirteen most prominent Armenian martyred writers. It includes their bios, literary accomplishments and literary characteristics. The book also contains samples of the works of the writers, translated from the original Armenian texts.

Product ID: 362C
Price: $20.00

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The Youth Home of Istanbul: A Story of the Remnants’ Return by Hrant Guzelian


The story of Hrant Güzelian’s search and rescue operations of Islamized Armenian youth in historic Armenia. Güzelian, who was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide, founded the Youth Home of Istanbul in the basement of the Armenian Evangelical Church of Gedik Pasha and dedicated his life to searching and rescuing hundreds of Islamized Armenian youth living in historic Armenia, among whom were Hrant and Rakel Dink.

Product ID: 357
Price: $20.00

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Renewed Faith: A Historical Review of the First Armenian Evangelical Church of
Beirut, Lebanon


“Renewed Faith,” directed by Hratch A. Tokatlian and produced by the Armenian Evangelical Cultural Association, begins with the history of the Evangelical movement in Constantinople, moves on to the establishment of the Armenian Evangelical community in Beirut during the 1920s and focuses on the First Armenian Evangelical Church’s history from 1922 and onward.

Product ID: CO359/DVD
Price: $12.50

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Exploring Our Faith: In the Words of the Apostles’ Creed by Rev. Peter B. Doghramji, Ph.D.


In this book, Rev. Dr. Peter Doghramji, with inspiring zeal and profound theological reflection, explores the implications of the basic tenets of the Church in our daily lives. Rev. Dr. Doghramji’s attempt to “explore our faith” is to discover living truths in the creed that will open our eyes and minds, our “logos” to the LOGOS who lives among us and in us. The book is dedicated to the Armenian Martyrs who explored their faith and died for it.

Product ID: 358/Book
Price: $10.00

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The Armenian Answer To The Armenian Question by Richard Melikian

The Armenian Answer

This book is not about the past. It is about the future. Though I consider it a wise thing to try and understand how and why the Armenian Genocide took place, that information and historical data is well documented. Numerous writers and historians have written excellent pieces on the events that took place in the first genocide of this century. But let us not dwell solely upon the sorrows that occurred. Let us press on to better shape the present so that the future will hold that much fewer of such similar tragedies. From this point on you are invited to join me in a walk into the future of the Armenian people. Where are we headed? What direction will you choose to follow? Join me as we ask the questions necessary to lead ourselves out of the early 1900’s and into citizens of the 21st century. –Richard G. Melikian

Product ID: CO355/Book
Price: $12.00

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Armenian Evangelicals’ Challenge to Religious Extremism: The Growing Influence of Fundamentalism in Armenian Evangelical Churches by Dr. Arthur Salibian


Armenian Evangelicals’ Challenge to Religious Extremism is a collection of articles written in response to the increasing influence of American Fundamentalism in Armenian Evangelical churches in North America. The book highlights the differences between Armenian Evangelicals’ past as a community tolerant to diversity and its present leadership that is attempting to impose doctrinal uniformity in the churches. In doing so, the pathway for Armenian Evangelicals to reclaim their ecumenical heritage, and challenge Fundamentalism, is laid out.

Product ID: 361/Book
Price: $8.00

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The Armenian Genocide Evidence from the German Foreign Office Archives, 1915-1916 compiled and edited by Wolfgang Gust


In close to 800 pages the book contains hundreds of telegrams, letters and reports from German consular officials in the Ottoman Empire to the Foreign Office in Berlin which describe in graphic and shocking detail the unfolding genocide of the Armenians.

Product ID: 349/Book
Price: $75.00

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I Shall Not Die by Rev. Nerses Sarian. A Tribute to the Faithfulness of God.


The personal accounts of Rev. Nerses Sarian’s survival story during the Armenian Genocide and a record of the miracles of grace that he has experienced. As a picture of the Church in persecution, this story has the great virtue of being a firsthand account from one who was directly involved.

Product ID: 347/Book
Price: $12.00

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The Armenian Evangelical World Council (in English and Armenian)
by Rev. Vahan Tootikian, D.Min.


Published at the beginning of this Centennial year of the Armenian Genocide, the bilingual volume is appropriately dedicated to the blessed memory of the one and a half million Armenians who became victims of the first genocide of the 20th century, perpetrated by Ottoman Turkey. The text focuses on the history and accomplishments of the Armenian Evangelical World Council (AEWC) since its inception in 1978. Rev. Tootikian provides important background on the establishment of organizations that preceded the AEWC

Product ID: CO356/Book
Price: $22.95

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