Haigazian University

Haigazian University, with its motto of “Truth, Freedom, and Service,” is the only Armenian university in the Diaspora. Serving over 600 students today, it provides degrees in over 30 fields of study.

Future Armenian Leadership Fund (FALF)
Established in 2011, the Future Armenian Leadership Fund (FALF) scholarships provide academically excellent and financially challenged Armenian students with merit scholarships.
FALF scholarships are available at the following levels:

  • GOLD: 100% tuition for three years
  • SILVER: 50% tuition
  • BRONZE: Partial tuition

haigazian_graduation.gifBackground Information
Haigazian University was founded in 1955 by the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches of the Near East (UAECNE) and the AMAA as a liberal arts college to educate teachers and pastors. For more information visit the university’s website.

Your Gift Makes the Difference
Support Haigazian University

For more information on this project, or to give a FALF Scholarship gift, please contact the AMAA office, 201-265-2607 or via email: info@amaa.org

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