Middle East

The cost of sponsoring a child in this program is U.S. $300.00 per child, per academic year, which covers part of the actual tuition. Use the reference code next to sponsor link when registering for a child.

PerlaNPerla N. from Anjar, Lebanon
I am born on March 1, 2014. I am 3 years old and a kindergarten student. I have an elder sister in the 1st grade. My favorite subject at school is reading. I like to play with my Babies when I finish my lessons. My father sells silver in the nearby villages. He doesn’t have much work since the economy is not stable. My mother stays home and takes care of me and my sister. She is also a member in the women’s board of our church. We live in our house above my grandparents’. I attend Summer school every year. I also enjoy attending Sunday school. I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I am grateful for your generous assistance which has made it possible for me to go to school.
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SakoKSako K. from Anjar, Lebanon
I am born on January 14, 2008. I am 10 years old and a 4th grade student. My younger sister is in Kindergarten. My favorite subject at school is Math. When I finish my lessons I like to play with my sister. We are Syrian refugees. We came from Syria due to the ongoing civil war. My father is a works in a car mechanic shop. He works for a very small wage. We live in a rental house in the village. My mom takes care of me and my sister. I attend Summer school and Sunday school. When I grow up I want to be a Math teacher. My family and I are grateful for your generosity, Thank you.
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TaliaTTalia T. from Beirut, Lebanon
I was born on July 30, 2013. I’m in KG I. I’m new in this school. I love my homeroom teacher a lot. She’s very lovely and caring. We are three members in the family. My father Harout is a salesman. My mother Maria, is a secretary in a small shop; she takes very good care of me. My grandmother is the caretaker in KG. My favorite color is purple. I want to have a pet at home. I like to eat hamburger and donuts and my favorite toys are dolls. During the weekend, I spend some time with my cousins, we play together, watch TV,… My favorite subject is English and I want to become a teacher, when I grow up. I love swimming and singing. I’m forever grateful for your help.
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NathalyKNathaly K. from Beirut, Lebanon
I am in KG3. My family consists of me my younger sister who is in KG1 in the same school, and my parents. My father works as a goldsmith with a low salary. We live in a very old house. My mother is a housewife and takes care of us. Thank you for helping me as a sponsor.
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SavioSSavio S. from Beirut, Lebanon
I am a student in 1st grade. I was born on June 16, 2007. My family consists of four members: my father, mother an older brother, who attends the same school and he is in 7th grade, and me. My father works as a hair dresser, with irregular income, as a result of the economic crisis in the country. My mother takes care of the family at home. We live in a small apartment near the school. I am a very clever boy, I like to ride bicycles. Thank you for your support.
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