A Festive Concert Dedicated to the First Graduates of Avedisian School in Yerevan

On Tuesday June 22, the Paros Chamber Choir (artistic director Raffi Mikayelyan, conductor Ruben Karaseferian) jointly with the Avedisian School Orchestra (art director Argentina Poghosyan) presented a Concert at the Khoren and Shooshanjig Avedisian Community Center and School Auditorium, dedicated to the first graduates of Avedisian high school.

During the Concert, the Paros Chamber Choir and Avedisian School Orchestra presented Armenian folk and spiritual songs as well as works by Western European composers. The audience warmly welcomed this most impressive performance.
Paros Chamber Choir is the world’s only Choir, that the vast majority of its members are disabled and wheelchair users.

The Avedisian Orchestra founded in 2016 has already presented a few successful concerts in just one year.

Original article in Armenian: http://avedisianschool.am/am/երևանի-ավետիսյան-դպրոցում-տեղի-ունեց/

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